Natural Landscape Creations specialise in gravel driveways and are one of the most popular choices for driveways and hard landscaping in the UK, and it's easy to see why.

It's cheap, easy to lay, low maintenance and looks good, particularly in country settings or in towns where it matches the predominant stone and brick colouring of the area.

There's an immense choice of size, colour and texture, so it's a good choice for resurfacing.

The crunch of gravel under a car's wheels is very satisfying and can also act as a defensive measure, alerting you to uninvited guests.

On the downside though, you can't use it on a site that has any gradient to speak of.

Is Gravel Suitable On A Sloping Driveway?

It needs regular top-up resurfacing, and can be tricky to keep in place.

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